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The Emerald Edge Cookie Cutter Co.

Lavender Pitcher by: Yvonne Chan Bakes

Lavender Pitcher by: Yvonne Chan Bakes

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This beautiful Lavender Pitcher was designed by our talented friend Yvonne from Yvonne Chan Bakes.

It is available in one size, 4.5" tall.

About our Cutters

All cookie cutters are made to order, especially for you. 

Cookie Cutters Features:  

  •   We use a strong, food safe and biodegradable PLA Filament           
  •   3D printers are run at a slower print speed to maintain a superior quality
  •   Cutters have a smooth rounded handle for a comfortable and controlled grip     
  •   A unique 1" depth for all dough thicknesses
  •   Labeled with the name and size  
  •   Designed to have an extremely strong and smooth double wall to provide extra    support and strength 
  •   A sharp cutting edge that delivers clean and consistent cuts every time 



  • All sizes are measured by the longest (tallest) edge of the cookie cutter. 
  • Cookie cutter dimensions may vary from 1/16” to 1/8” 
  • Please reach out to us if you have any questions, email:  

We use a True Food Safe Filament that is:  

  • Food grade plastic  
  • Food safe pigments  
  • Clean manufacturing  
  • Plant-Based Plastic 
  • Compostable AND Recyclable  

Material And Care Information 

  • DO NOT use hot water to clean them 
  • DO NOT soak  
  • DO NOT use to cut hot cookie dough  
  • DO NOT put them in the dishwasher  
  • AVOID any contact with heat or they will melt and warp (sunlight as well) 
  • DO store cookie cutters in a cool, dark place 



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