Our Story

The Emerald Edge is a family owned and operated business from Burlington, Ontario. A husband and wife duo, both Lindsay and Christian live with a passion for family, art, food, animals, nature and the environment as a whole. With these passions came the concept of an eco-friendly 3D printing company - The Emerald Edge Cookie Cutter Co.

Christian’s professional experience includes 15+ years of design in the packaging industry. He currently takes care of our 3D designs, prepress and general maintenance of the printers. Lindsay designs cutters, maintains social media platforms and manages the business. 

Emerald Edge prides themselves on their top quality cutters, eco-friendly materials and made with love business motto. The cutters themselves are bio-degradable and all our of packaging is recyclable. 

To ensure you receive the product we are proud of - quality takes time. We look forward to working with you in the future!


- The Emerald Edge Cookie Cutter Co.

Proudly Canadian • Eco-Friendly • Made with Love