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The Emerald Edge Cookie Cutter Co.

Christmas Woodland Wonderland - Yvonne Chan Bakes

Christmas Woodland Wonderland - Yvonne Chan Bakes

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These adorable Christmas Woodland cuties were designed by our talented friend Yvonne from Yvonne Chan Bakes. 

The workbook can be purchased on her Etsy page:

YvonneChanBakes - Etsy Canada


There are 5 cutters included in this set:

Christmas Tree - 4.25"

Hedge Hog - 3.5"

Chipmunk - 3.75"

Mouse with Star - 4.25"

Rabbit with Backpack - 5"



All cookie cutters are made to order, especially for you. 


Cookie Cutters Features:  

  • Wide, smooth and rounded handle for a comfortable and controlled grip  
  • A unique 1” depth for all dough thicknesses 
  • Labeled with the name, size and our brand  
  • Designed to have an extremely strong and smooth double wall to provide extra support and strength  
  • A tapered cutting edge for clean and consistent cuts every time 


  • All sizes are measured by the longest (tallest) edge of the cookie cutter. 
  • Cookie cutter dimensions may vary from 1/16” to 1/8” 
  • Please reach out to us if you have any questions, email:  

We use a True Food Safe Filament that is:  

  • Food grade plastic  
  • Food safe pigments  
  • Clean manufacturing  
  • Plant-Based Plastic 
  • Compostable AND Recyclable  

Material And Care Information 

  • DO NOT use hot water to clean them 
  • DO NOT soak  
  • DO NOT use to cut hot cookie dough  
  • DO NOT put them in the dishwasher  
  • AVOID any contact with heat or they will melt and warp (sunlight as well) 
  • DO store cookie cutters in a cool, dark place 



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